Energetic Treatment

I followed several trainings in healing energy, Access bar, energy lifting, Reiki and lithotherapy. I continue to follow training courses so that my care is best suited to consultants. I allow myself to use several techniques during a treatment so that it is fully adapted to your needs and your intentions.

Basically, how does an energy treatment work?

An energy treatment consists of cleaning the overloads at the level of the chakras (main energy centers in the physical body which metabolize and distribute the universal energy in it) then allows to release the energy bodies (subtle bodies which include the physical body) of any form of stagnant or crystallized energy hindering the free flow of energy in the different structures of your being.

The treatment lavished on the chakras and the subtle bodies has a direct influence on the physical body and all of its components. Organs, muscles, tendons, bones, nervous, blood and hormonal systems all benefit from a form of energetic shower that invites all that is stagnant to be set in motion and that which is ineffective to be nourished. The being as a whole finds a circulatory fluidity of all its systems.


All the systems being intimately linked, the alliance of all the maneuvers and techniques of care that we use allows to install a quality of rooting, an emotional and mental stability and also a good circulation in the whole body. This creates an impact on behaviors and reactions, opening the being to new personal and relational horizons. All the systems relax and improve, thus the being as a whole finds a state of harmony and openness which disposes it to receive life and transformation.


In terms of symptoms, energy treatments help calm stress and anxiety. They help reduce muscle tension, digestive and sleep disorders, to name just a few. They are also effective in cleaning the bodily memories, that is to say, the shocks stored by the body during difficult situations since birth.